TS spots ‘Accrual’ online blog

Every 12 days, four hours and 22 minutes on the dot someone
takes it upon themselves to show the world that, yes, accountants are dynamic,
amazing, radiant people and not dull beancounters, contrary to popular opinion.

This time software vendors MYOB have taken on this noble mantle of responsibility
by launching a blog called ‘Accrual World for Accountants’. Apparently the idea
of the project is to collect ideas for a ‘science fiction novel’ about a world
where accounting has been outlawed.

The idea is that this will deliver ‘a story about how
accountancy proves to be inextinguishable, how its practitioners answer the
call, ris to the challenge and emerge as the saviours of freedom and democracy’.

MYOB hopes that the blog (
will ‘bring the movie-star status to accountants’.

The site has alos been picked up by another accountancy blog here.

On a separate note, TS must apologise to MYOB boss Wayne
Schmidt, who picked up the firm’s Accountancy Age Award for Small Software
Packages but saw his name appear under a picture of someone else in last week’s
winners’ spread in the magazine. Whoops!

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