Prince Charles says accountants are ‘jolly useful’

A recommendation from the highest possible authority: the heir to the throne. HRH The Prince of Wales has said how ‘jolly useful’ accountants are.
The prince, unveiling his Accounting for Sustainability report this morning, commented that he now had ‘quite a few’ accountants in his office. That’s in addition to Sir Michael Peat, who hails from one of the most famous accounting families there is, in being a Peat of the Peat Marwick (and now KPMG) fame.
Accountants are, Prince Charles noted, ‘jolly useful people’.
The audience purred. But then, it was chock full of members of the profession. TS noted Paul Boyle of the FRC there, alongside the NAO’s Sir John Bourn, Jan Babiak from E&Y, Paul Druckman, the former president of the ICAEW and, of course, Prince Charles himself, who as an honorary member of the ICAEW, also sort of qualifies as an accountant too.
Say what you like about Charlie, he knows how to please his audience.

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