AAT rebrand puts rest to shame

TS has been known to mock the institutes from time to time,
in particular over their attempts to rebrand and make themselves look all
shiny, new and ‘street’.

ACCA, with its Soviet-style effort, and the ICAEW’s ‘slimming
down’ of Economia got some TS-style short shrift.

The AAT however, which went for swish green logo plus swanky
offices, met with TS’ approval. Our eye for design was backed by the corporate
style gurus at the CorpComms Awards, held at the Grosvenor House Hotel. OK, the
AAT didn’t win, but were announced as a ‘runner-up’ in the Best Rebranding Exercise
category, TS was told.

But even that statement had a touch of ‘spin’, as it turns
out the AAT were one of three shortlisted.

Not really second place is it? Still, with all that
rebranding and repositioning malarkey you’re bound to be a bit hot on the
keypad when it comes to saying how good you are.

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