Gordo’s slip of the tongue


TS feels that the PM is yearning for those halcyon days of
yore, when New Labour could do no wrong and a chap could donate the odd million
or seven to help a party out.

Now Gordon, we know it’s been a tough couple of weeks-
apparently an HMRC double CD titled: ‘Now That’s What I Call a Labour Government
On The Ropes’ went missing.

Gordo, who has mellowed from Stalin into Mr Bean, according
to Lib Dem Treasury spokesperson Vince Cable, was doing the decent thing and
apologising for the gaffe, but made a telling slip as he issued his regrets.

TS aced the pop psychology module at Gutter- Snipe
University, so its clearly obvious that in referring to HMRC as the Inland
Revenue, Brown betrayed his wish to return to a time when this was actually the

Every action has consequences Prime Minister – maybe you
should have thought twice about merging the taxman with the customs men in the
first place.

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