CIMA staff know how to behave

CIMA has always been an institute with its eye on the prize
in TS’ book and its Financial Management awards bash held last week was no

The institute made sure there was enough booze to put a
party political conference to shame on each table, but one of TS’ most valuable
sources said that all CIMA representatives would be on their best behaviour
while the opening speeches and the awards were being given out.

TS kept a beady eye on CIMA’s people but all of them were
incredibly well-behaved – shocking in TS book. 

TS duly laid into the booze mountain that piled up as a
result, while listening to the comedy stylings of Sandy Toksvig.

Still, CIMA’s abstinence didn’t stop the institute’s chief
exec Charles Tilley making repeated mentions of the cash bar that would be
operating if revellers somehow managed to drain their booze supply.

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