Economia of scale for ICAEW’s Clive

TS has noted lots of ‘re-focussing’ at the ICAEW recently,
from its spanking new website to a thinned-out Economia in its logo.

But no-one told TS that job titles had been ‘cleaned up’ as
well. For example, Clive Lewis (with a nice new pic as well), head of SME issues at the institute is now head
of ‘medium issues’. Then TS thought: perhaps it’s just that Clive’s job has

Rather than worrying about ‘small issues’ like running out
of paperclips or printer toner, Clive can now focus on medium things. He was
quoted about the effect of flooding on members’ business – definitely a medium
issue for firms to watch out for. But who is head of ‘big issues’, such as
telling firms to keep guard against earthquakes and UFO attacks?

Maybe we’ve got it all the wrong way round and Clive just
polishes the ICAEW Ouija board.

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