Where the Wild things are

Audit sage and all-round nice guy Ken Wild of Deloitte has returned unscathed from the wilds of Burma. Sporting a safari hat and machete, we can only guess, the accounting guru made his Heart-Of-Darkness-esque river cruise into the isolated southern regions of the land that diplomacy forgot.

As well as mosquitoes and gun-toting officials, Wild also had the company of travel writer Michael Kerr, who later penned a story on the trip. Kerr describes the boat as a floating Florida, filled with – how to put it delicately – elderly gents and ladies, of which Wild was among the youngest, we’re told.

We always figured the Wild man for a young hellraiser and we can only guess that the tearaway was up until all hours (or at least 3pm) running amok, and creating his very own boat that rocked.

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