It’s P(w)C gone mad

pwc's-fishing-blog.jpgHow many of us really enquire into the death of the animals we eat?

We’re guessing not many of us. TS caught up with PwC’s head of sustainability and global climate change partner Malcolm Preston, who would only order fish that was line-snaffled, mightily impressing your intrepid newshound.

According to Preston it is the responsibility of all discerning gastronomes (or at least those lucky few still being wined and dined on a regular basis) to grill restaurants about their sustainability efforts.

This will help stop those pesky net fishers allowing dolphins to become ensnared.
Luckily, not only was the fish sustainably sourced, but the water was too – and its delivery carbon offset by the restaurant. Which got us thinking, what other sustainable foods could we eat or drink?

TS is currently looking into the various organic breweries around the country, which could bring a whole new meaning to the term “five-a-day”.

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