The 100-mile-high club

We at TS found ourselves lucky enough be sitting next to the finance director of Virgin Galactic at the Accountancy Age Awards bash last week. As many of you may know Virgin Galactic is the world’s first spaceline.
Millionaires can travel to the moon in the spaceship obviously named SpaceShipOne for the bargain price of $200,000 (£120,400). TS, always willing to try our luck, enquired whether or not any of the staff would be taking a trip on SpaceShipOne, but unfortunately the FD said none of the staff (excluding Mr Branson of course), could afford the flight!
It seemed bizarre the team were working on a product they would never experience. Not one to be deterred, TS asked if there were any freebie flights for us to fly and, of course, report on. The FD smiled and told us there were quite a few.
They were always looking for bodies to take the test flights!

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