Logo-a-go-go for PwC

Avid readers of the Age will have noticed that its hacks couldn’t bother writing out PricewaterhouseCoopers any more, and for the sake of their fingers had dropped the full shebang in favour of ‘PwC’.

Other reasons for the change in style include: Everyone knows them as PwC, and it saves wasting a whole line in an article on just one 22-character word.

But rather than the firm slipping TS a few quid to advise them that this would make a good rebrand idea, they spent gazillions (probably) using rebranding experts Wolff Olins to do it instead.

So, PwC it is then – plus a snazzy new logo inspired by an 80s retro computer-game-pixel-Mario Bros-thingy.

Almost forgot: in its new fangled logo PwC is actually pwc for some strange reason. Ho-hum.

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