Hoogs been framed

Hans Hoogervorst, former dutch finance minister and currently the Netherlands’ chief financial policeman, has been made chairman of the IASB.
This will have all sorts of implications for the development of standards, international diplomacy and the stability of world markets.
And yet, TS finds itself curiously drawn to Hoogie’s photogenic qualities whether it be feigning a vomit, eating fish, quaffing wine or posing with giant cuddly toys, Hoogie’s done it all. And strangely he does it in public. TS deduces therefore that the new master of most things accounting (OK, a few things accounting), is not shy.
Now, copyright prevents TS from reproducing the pics here but we can provide you with some links.
*Hoogie eats fish – click here.
Hoogie gets sick – click here.
*Hoogie cuddles up – click here.
*Hoogie quaffs – click here.

A standard setter the like of which we have never seen before.

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