Beware Yuletide fraudsters!

Some Accountancy Age Awards revellers from last night’s bash may still be nursing a hangover, or wanting to fall asleep at their desks, but beware- fraudsters around the country know exactly how you’re feeling at this time of year. In fact, in the run up to Christmas, with all the parties, lunches etc, going on, corporate fraud rises. Fraudsters are like most criminals. They are opportunists waiting for potential victims in finance/ credit departments to drop their guard. At Graydon, we have already had reports from credit departments that potential fraudsters are coming in with their christmas wishes :- that credit managers don’t spot their credit applications quoting mobile numbers instead of land line numbers, or non business e-mail addresses like fraudsters, or last minute requests by phone to arrange a pick up of the goods rather than have them delivered to an already validated address.

At this time of year, in between the beers and glasses of bubbly, plenty of water and coffee is also recommended to remain vigilant- especially during those last, dark hours of the afternoon at the office.   

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