Only a few days ago on this blog, I mentioned that commercial fraudsters become very active around Christmas time, and this year is no exception. Graydon has informed the Met Police about a company that has been advertising every day in various newspapers that they can deliver i-pods etc with guaranteed delivery before Christmas.Nothing wrong with that……. until you read the company’s fictitious accounts at Companies Registry. The accounts, for the first year of trading ended 30th April 2007,show a 13 million pound turnover. However, Graydon had received no credit report requests from suppliers during this entire period. However, in recent days, we have received many requests from companies wanting to do checks. It appears that the 2007 accounts have been audited by a firm called Patel and Davies of Stanmore, Middlesex but we can’t trace them.

I hope few members of the public have ordered through this company, but it’s clear the newspapers involved may have trouble getting paid for the advertising space this company has bought.

It also brings to light the serious issues relating to the quality of data being filed for public consumption at Companies House.At least some credit agencies are striving to fight fraud.

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