Gordon Ramsay fined by Companies House

Gordon Ramsay has his critics, but at least no one can accuse the  famous TV chef of "cooking the books" as far as his company’s financial results are concerned- the fact is, no one has seen his accounts recently- much to the displeasure of Companies House. The Daily Mail reported recently that CRO fined Mr Ramsay 3, 500 GBP for late filing of his accounts. (under the present law, private limited companies have to file their results within 10 months of year end). Graydon’s database records that the latest accounts on file at the CRO for Gordon Ramsay Holdings Ltd are for the fiscal year ended August 2005- not much use to anyone as they are so old.

Good cooking, as Gordon knows, is all about getting the timing right- this holds true in other walks of life too Gordon!

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