Picture on Director Private address disclosure gets clearer

The Government in the shape of BERR has just published its response to responses to consultation on a key aspect of the 2006 Companies Act relating to directors private address disclosure. This part of the 2006 Act will come into effect 1st October 2009.
The plan is now that Companies House will be able to sell private address details to public authorities and credit reference agencies like Graydon and Experian in bulk form. These organisations will be able to use this data for credit vetting purposes when checking the creditworthiness of companies and individuals, but will not be able to pass on the actual private address details to end users or lenders within credit reports etc. Apparently there was an argument put forward that suggested agencies should be able to pass on this data to their clients so long as the data subject gave consent. However the government has rejected this idea, saying that it would enable persons to gain access to protected information (private addresses of directors) although they are barred by statute from direct access to it.

Obviously this law has to go through the Houses of Parliament, but it looks as if the NEW 2006 Companies Act will come into force before it becomes the VERY OLD 2006 Companies Act.

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