A Drink from the Olympian Cup, Darling?

I guess like most Britons, I was surprised to wake up last Saturday to the news that the Chancellor of the Exchequer believes we’re facing the worst economic crisis for sixty years. Actually, the more I’ve thought about it, the more my surprise has turned to annoyance.
Instead of Mr Darling locking himself away with a Guardian journalist in a remote island croft to talk down the country and the government’s poor communication skills, perhaps his time would have been better spent holed up with fellow Scot and multi gold medalist Chris Hoy.
A few days ago, Team GB did the very un-British thing of going out to Beijing, confidently talking about winning precious metal, and being proud of their achievements when they succeeded. How refreshing it all was!!
I think Mr Darling could do with a drink from the Olympian cup, stop talking our chances down, and get on instead with coming up with some answers to beat the credit crisis, kickstart the housing market, and start focusing on winning!!

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