Lack of Bank Lending exposes UK’s limited access to Finance

SME business owners are turning to personal credit cards, friends and family to support their businesses while banks continue to refuse finance. This seems to be the message coming through from various research surveys carried out by small business interest groups, the IOD and credit agencies like Graydon over recent weeks. This story even appeared on the front page of the Daily Mail last week……. but is it much of a surprise? The fact is, this country’s small business community is overly reliant on banks for their finance, and there doesn’t seem to be any real sophisticated back up if and when banks refuse to lend, as has happened during the credit crisis. Recently, stories have been emerging in the press revealing that entrepreneurs are finding innovative new avenues to finance, but its all a bit piecemeal. I’m not sure what accountants advise in instances where banks have declined to lend to clients, but I hope professional tips involve more than “can’t you borrow off your mates for a few months?”

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