Practice makes perfect

Hello, and welcome to my first blog on Practice Manager! I’m officially excited.

With the niceties out of the way I can tell you a bit about myself and what I’m going to blog about.

I’ve worked on the finance titles at VNU and now Incisive Media (Accountancy Age, Financial Director, Management Consultancy and Best Practice) for ten years. Ten years! It’s flown by to be honest, what with the accounting profession being at the heart of the world’s biggest business stories over that period.

Having covered the personal tax, technology, and ICAEW beats during my time on the Age, I’ve taken a keen interest in the issues affecting practices outside of the big global firms.

So hopefully my blog will serve to pick up on themes and stories that impact on the firms that perhaps don’t receive the limelight or coverage generally reserved for the biggest guys.

Your comments are greatly appreciated, as I intend to at least try and spark some debate.

Right then, I’d better try and come up with something sparky to say then. If there are any hot topics you’re desperate for Accountancy Age to focus on, why not drop me a response?

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