Firms shy over Top 50 results

The annual Top 50 +50 survey of firms was, as usual, a stressful process. Not least for our features editor Paul Grant and the firms taking part.

I had previously blogged that there was a chance that, with the tough economic conditions, some firms might decide that their latest figures weren’t fit for public consumption.

My Nostradamus-like prediction (I’m begin sarcastic here folks) came true.

I don’t want to tar all the firms with the same brush, as there were many varied reasons why they turned us down this year.

But still, it was a shame that one Top 50 firm declined to take part this year, having been regular entrants, while four of the + 50 also said no.

We estimated their income anyway – and congrats to the others who got their numbers through to us. Check the latest survey out here.

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