Mazars refers to “eyewatering” audit market stats

Anyone doubting Mazars’ desire to keep on the case of the Big Four’s stranglehold at the top end of the audit marketplace need look no further than the FT’s letters page today.

Its head of public interest markets, David Herbinet, has been pretty quiet recently – what with audit competition out of the headlines for a little while. He has, of course, been more vocal in the past.

But with the Lords having a look at the make-up of the market, Herbinet has wasted no time in reminding its readers of the findings of the Oxera report into competition in the marketplace.

A FTSE 100 auditor can expect to remain in place for an “eyewatering” 48 years.

“My firm and others are committed to pressing for reform,” he wrote.

David, it’s good to hear from you again, it’s been much quieter without you.

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