Happy New Year!

And so we enter 2010. By now we should be dressed in silver suits, living in a post apocalyptic wasteland fighting robots or have built a base on the moon, depending on which sci-fi writer you read…

What have we to look forward to I wonder?

Well I don’t have a crystal ball (otherwise I would be regularly winning the Euromillions) but I’m going to take a guess at some of the hot topics for the next year or so:

The first part of the year will be dominated by the election; no sooner had the bells of Big Ben stopped ringing than the campaigning started (although not officially of course). I’ve no idea who’s going to win, but all the signs are it’s going to be close, there’s every possibility of a hung parliament and that could be very bad for the economy, we need strong leadership not bickering and indecision. Although a coalition government means Vince Cable could be chancellor which, if the polls are to be believed, would be a popular choice and, I think, a good one (every cloud and all that).

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