Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it

It’s been rather quiet around here lately, apologies for that!

Two reasons why: it’s the busy season in audit and I’ve started my final stage of college; the dreaded case study (ICAS students sit 3 stages the final of which TPE is a 5 ½ hour case).

Seeing as no one wants to hear me drone on about disclosure checklists (my colleagues get enough of that at work – 500+ questions!!!) I thought I’d share some first impressions of school…

The main thing that hits you is how different it is to the previous exams. TC and TPS both require you to take in a vast amount of technical information in a relatively short time and then test you on it. TPE is nothing like them, instead it’s all about using what you know to produce a set of professional documents, based on the information you’re given. No questions to answer, just work it out yourself.

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