Hi. I’m an accountant.

“Hi. I’m an accountant.”

It’s that time of year when graduates and school leavers beyond count (someone did count them I just couldn’t be bothered to look it up, suffice to say there’s a lot) leave the safety of their school/uni and head out into the big, wide and increasingly nasty job market in search of cash, and hopefully a career.

A not insignificant number end up training and working in accountancy, some because they’ve dreamed of it for years, others because it seemed like a good idea at the time, and many more because they’ve no idea what they’re getting into.

Therefore I figured I’d write a few blogs in a random attempt to help those trying to make this all important decision.

First off: why accountancy?

Picture the scene: you’re in a bar, dressed to thrill, hair and/or make-up (or neither in my case) perfectly styled, and the Megan Fox/Brad Pitt (delete as appropriate) lookalike you’ve been exchanging glances with wanders over for a chat. It’s all going well until they ask that fateful question “So, what do you do?” and you smile and answer, almost apologetically: “I’m an accountant”. Their eyes glaze over and before you know it they’re off talking to that PR person they met earlier.

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