Choosing who to work for…

A little while ago I talked about choosing accountancy as a career. So to follow up I’d like to share some thoughts on the next important choice: the firm you’ll train with.

A quick browse of graduate recruitment forums and it’s clear to see there’s one thing on everyone’s mind when it comes to making this all important decision: salary.

Time for the shock; the starting salary doesn’t matter, it’s really not important. I know many might have trouble believing me, but you’ll just have to trust me here. Whether you start on £18k or £20k, £25k or £29k in the end it’s the least of your worries!

So what is important?

Well first off it’s finding a firm with the right ‘personality’ and ‘culture’, one that suits you. Think of it as like choosing a friend to go travelling with; you wouldn’t choose someone you didn’t get on with and couldn’t spend time with, including a few stressful moments. Well you’re going to be spending the next 3 years of your life with this firm, so don’t you think it’s important that you get on well?

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