‘No to November!’

Is HMRC heading for trouble on filing deadlines? It announced at budget time that it would be moving filing deadlines back by several months.

We report today that the figures behind the campaign against the institute merger are proposing to reactivate their 20,000 membership in a new fight against the change.

Separately, I read in Taxation magazine today that it is starting a ‘No to November’ campaign, mobilising its readers against the move. It comes complete with a piece from Paul Aplin of the ICAEW despairing of the decision.

Two thoughts occur. Firstly, why do we need to move the filing deadline back? HMRC has not explained the move really, except to say simply that other countries do things differently, hardly a compelling argument.

And secondly, though there are many complaining, there have also been quite a few messages of support for the change, along the lines of ‘we’ll cope’. Will HMRC succeed through a strategy of ‘divide and rule’?

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