Mike Warburton, power broker

Mike Warburton is the 34th most important man in Gloucestershire. So say the compilers of a Gloucestershire Echo poll.

But I understand there is one fact my colleague TS may have missed in the report on the subject.

I’m told that everyone on the Echo’s list had a picture featured alongside their names, except for Mike. He had to make way for a picture of swimming legend Sharron Davies, which took up the space for both of them and left Mike picture-less. (Without disrespecting Mike, we think she might make for a better shot).

And since this is such an important subject, here’s a few more links. Here’s one to one of Mike’s recent columns in the Echo’s sister paper The Citizen. And here’s another to the bit of the list that refers to Mike.

Meanwhile, if anyone has any favourite power lists featuring tax advisers, well, it’s absolutely imperative that you tell us about them at once.

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