Avoiding the question

I’m not even going to attempt to join in the debate on tax evasion and avoidance currently taking place on the TS blog.

But I can offer the following. Anyone interested in reading more about Murphy, his website is of interest. At the risk of alienating those who complain about my fellow AA blogger and I only referencing Accountancy Age stories, here’s a piece we wrote on him.

Teather’s book can be downloaded as a pdf here.

And one question to everyone involved in this debate. It’s time the tax profession came up with a credible defence of some of the more extreme things it does. Is Teather’s approach the right one? Are advisers going to continue taking a passive approach to the question of tax havens, abusive avoidance and even evasion (I’ve never met a tax avoider. At least, most advisers I meet profess, unconvincingly, to having nothing personally to do with it)?

One lighter question. Who at ACCA is going to chair this debate on June 6th?

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