Filing row heats up

Further to my earlier post about filing deadlines and Taxation magazine, the latest plan is to get everyone to write to their MPs to get them to sign an early day motion on the subject.

The EDM has been signed by representatives of the three major parties, and Taxation’s editor Mike Truman is set to urge readers next week to write to MPs to garner their support too. The magazine already has a list of almost 4,000 people pledging their opposition to the move to bring filing deadlines back.

Taxation has also set up a blog here.

The move to change the deadlines has been opposed by a huge number of advisers, from those at the top of the profession to the grass roots. There are some people who think the change will be manageable, though mainly, it has to be said, those with an interest in the technology requirements the move will provoke.

If nothing else, it has to be said, HMRC will face a huge burden in pushing it through, since such a large number of people have said they will only file estimates by the deadline and true figures when the liaiblities are due.

Some compromise must be on the agenda, mustn’t it?

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