Hair’s your answer

Jealous Guy’s question, featured in Taxation recently, about whether or not politician’s wives’ hairdos were taxable as a benefit in kind has been answered.

And the answer is…well, it’s not exactly clear. ‘Jim’ suggests ordinary clothing and such like are not deductible, only protective clothing necessary for work.

Cosmetic treatments might be allowable, unless they are over the top (surely not the case here?).

‘Hodgy’ suggests that politicians such as Tony Blair and Cherie are not actually employed by the parties, and thus benefits are not offered by reason of employment, and cannot be taxable.

There’s also one other point Jim mentions. ‘readers may recall egg throwing incidents and the brawl involving the deputy prime minister. Reimbursements of expenses claimed for the dry cleaning costs in such instances may be regarded as exempt….the cleaning of stains and for wear and tear from his day-to-day office activities are quite a different matter.’

Now was that really necessary?

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