Bye Bye Business Brief

Just to show what a thrusting, modern and high-tech department HM Revenue & Customs is (stick with me), it might be worth noting that it has ditched the print version of the business brief.

This is the document that advises taxpayers of the way in which the taxman is interpreting various tax issues, and the best way to consider them. It often contains some interesting stories from a journalistic point of view and I presume must also be of use to advisers generally.

The last brief of last year notifies reaaders of the change. It will henceforth be a purely online publication.

Is this the end of an era? Will advisers lament the change and complain? Are there some people who don’t like reading things online who’d rather have the print edition? I’d ask them to leave their comments here, of course, but if they really feel that strongly, I doubt they’ll be reading this…

Another stage, perhaps, in the gradual disenfranchisement of the technologically challenged.

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