Five things you didn’t know about the tax hack

I’ve been ‘tagged’ by Dennis Howlett. Well, actually, it happened before Christmas, but holidays and ceaseless scandals to write about (some people do tell me that’s all I ever write about) have kept me too busy to respond.

As far as I can tell the idea is to tell you five things about me you might not know, and then demand the same from five more people! So here goes.

1) I am not actually the ‘tax hack’ any longer. I am the news editor. Nicholas Neveling now covers corporate tax for AA, and Kevin Reed covers personal tax. I still write a bit about tax, and still get worked up enough about it at times to write furious and unbalanced columns and posts. As you’ll be aware…

2) I am a bit of a ‘Germanophile’. I’ve been learning German for several years, and last year went on a little tour of Germany in the Summer.

3) I come from a family of journalists. My dad’s a journalist, my brother is, my mum worked as a foreign correspondent in South America in the 1970s, my great uncle used to write for the Express, and my aunt broke the mould by, er, working in telly.

4) I am not an accountant. Surprising to some, who insist on thinking that reporters on Accountancy Age have accounting qualifications. None of us do, which goes some way to explaining all those silly errors you see in the magazine.

5) There is an accountant in the family. Not saying who, or the flow of exciting scoops I get from this person might dry up…

Who would I like to find out more about? Well, let’s go for the following

Jeremy Newman

Richard Murphy (I don’t think he has done this yet, despite, like me, being tagged by Dennis)

Andrew Goodall

Damian Wild


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