For my next trick…

After scooping the Jeremy Newman website the other day, here’s another site you might not have seen, courtesy of the excellent web searching skills of my colleague Kevin Reed.

It’s the official website of none other than the Hundred Group, the organisation that represents FTSE100 finance directors. It’s fair to say that, despite their slightly elusive nature, this is a body with some impact in government and in the sector more broadly.

You can find their report on the Total Tax Contribution Framework on there, as well as planned meetings with Ed Balls and information on the group as a whole. It’s a real find.

I’d also say it’s a tribute to the group’s emerging transparency. Except it’s impossible to find unless you look as hard as we did. I challenge you to find it on Google.

Who knows – perhaps if I link to it lots of times people will be able to find it more easily.

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