Brownite delusions on tax

I really am struggling to believe the unbelievable delusions the Brownites are suffering under as a result of the Tory tax proposals.

Did anyone see this paragraph in Friday’s Guardian?

A group of Brownites is arguing that it might be better to play [the election strategy] long, and more thorough criticism of the Tory tax plans over six to 18 months could destroy the credibility of a whole generation of Conservatives. Some strategists liken this to the long-term impact of the ERM fiasco of September 1992 on John Major and Lord Lamont, his chancellor.

So a Tory pledge to tax non-doms, which to be generous to the Brownites, may not bring in quite as much as the Tories say, is equivalent to the more than a million people who suffered negative equity on their houses in the early 1990s. And it will be as bad as the devaluation of the pound.

The Brownites’ grip on reality is really slipping.

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