Sir John Bourn, BAE and more NAO revelations

To move on to a completely different subject, the goings-on at the National Audit Office really are too funny not to mention. Well, funny might be one word. Perhaps serious might be better.

Sir John Bourn’s expenses have been scrutinised for several months now, with revelation following revelation.

Not only has the nation’s guardian of the public purse looked rather profligate with it himself, it now appears he went out with the likes of BAE, a year after refusing to release the report on Al Yamamah.

The body has published an astonishing set of revelations about the hospitality its senior managers received on its website. The NAO is facing its BBC mea culpa moment. Except of course it is more thoroughly deserved and far more serious, and nobody has resigned yet, amazingly.

Private Eye’s Richard Brooks, who also freelances for us, I’m pleased to say, has led the way on this, but perhaps more to the point, it must be nearing the time where Sir John says enough is enough. My colleague David Jetuah argued his time was up a few months ago, and the sentiments are even more pertinent today.

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