Good news about the disc scandal

Is there anyone else hoping that the discs crisis at HM Revenue & Customs might yield one positive result? By that I mean the confusion over what to call the department.

Ever since the merger, and being used to calling the Revenue the Inland Revenue, some papers still insist on calling HMRC the HMRC. Or they call it HM Customs and Revenue, or, even, the Inland Revenue.

The department has been in place for three years now. Time for people to catch up, I think.

UPDATE: Richard Brooks of Private Eye has pointed out to me that even the Prime Minister is making the mistake. He referred in his press conference yesterday to ‘the Inland Revenue’. When even the man responsible for merging the departments gets it wrong, what hope for everyone else?

Double points for anyone who can find Gus O’Donnell, the civil servant whose review recommended the merger, making a similar mistake.

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