Gone with the Windows

The announcement Microsoft dropped its Office Accounting product came as a shock, mainly because they barely gave it a chance to succeed or fail, before they canned it.


The short shelf life given to the product was astonishing.


The product was stopped just two years after its UK release date and one year after its general retail launch.


This means Microsoft must have started discussions to withdraw the product either before or just after the general retail release.


They would have had several internal discussions before having several more with Mamut – who took on support of their abandoned customers. All of which would have taken the best part of a year.


Customers would not have been expecting, having invested in such a big brand, to see it disappear after just two years. This is made worse by the Microsoft claim their products have a lifecycle of ten years, according to the CEO of Mamut who will now be supporting the product. 


I wanted to know why Microsoft had taken such early action but they declined to comment and also declined to comment as to whether they thought Microsoft Office Accounting was a failure.


We can only imagine the size of the hit Microsoft was taking on the product for it to drop MOA so quickly.

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