Is IT a young person’s game?

At a recent Blackberry event I attended, the point was raised that it can be difficult to convince the “older” generation to use high-tech gadgets in the day-to-day running of their practice.

A panel member from Sage told the audience it needed to “educate” some of the older accountants and customers that the return on investment from making the switch to mobile technology can be very lucrative. He added that educating younger accountants and entrepreneurs wasn’t as necessary.

However, if my smartphone is anything to go by, then I couldn’t blame accountants for being cautious. The battery life on my phone is almost non-existent and I have problems loading internet pages depending on where I am. All of these are issues that an accountant may find restricting rather than giving them greater mobility.

I think smartphone technology should be investigated, but being cautious may not be such a bad thing.

Also I’m not that old!

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