Surviving EMI

What will happen to Martin Stewart, chief financial officer, at music group EMI. The group, which represents acts like the Rolling Stones, Joss Stone and Lily Allen, looks on the brink of being bought by private equity vehicle Terra Firma, with Warner Music lurking in the background threatening to launch a spoiler bid.

But what of Stewart? Reports say current EMI boss Eric Nicoli is unlikely to stay post takeover, but will the rest of his executive team, including Stewart, weather the storm?

He’s an experienced man, having worked at BSkyB as CFO and at Polygram, but has he been around long enough to have been tainted by the Nicoli era?

Well he started in February 2005,  in many respects he’s something of a new boy, so he might be in the clear. He might well be attached to his £525,000 salary as well. But the sale is still unravelling, so worth watching to see what happens and whether Stewart will be handling the finances for the next crop of new bands.

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