Obama’s no favourite with CFOs

I am intrigued to read of research that concludes that US CFOs are not exactly smitten with Barack Obama as a presidential prospect.

Produced by the US Financial Executives Institute and Baruch College’s Zicklin School of Business, the survey of a little more than 200 CFOs says that 70% of those polled believe an Obama regime would be damaging, while 71% backed John McCain as best serving their business interests.

I can only assume this really stems from Obama’s redistributive talk on tax. The policy is this: overall burden falls, but some rates rise to push it onto better off voters.

CFOs tending to be better off than most, you can can understand the poll results.

Still, nice to see a certain section of the US not being seduced by Obamamania, and remaining a little level headed. Someone’s got to.

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