Drinks are on Connolly

So the Deloittee annual report is out and we learn that chairman John Connolly earned a whopping £5.7m.

Despite running the second largest firm in the country he must be the highest paid accountant in the country in practice. I venture to suggest, and I do not have proof at my finger tips, that he must be the highest paid practice accountant ever.

It’s astonishing. More impressive is that the average pay for more than 650 partners is £970,000. It’s arguable that Deloitte might just be employing an historic number of millionaire partners.

Given that figure, and the fact that Deloitte turns over £2.01bn in the UK (beating this year’s self imposed £2bn target), I bet there aren’t too many within the firm that begrudge him that pay packet.

Still, it’s interesting to note that if he were in a public company, there might well be taunts of fat cat pay. As it is Connolly only has to satisfy the other owners of the business. His partners. Wonder if they ever consider complaining about his remuneration?

Of course, there’s another way to see this. Connolly needs a pay day commensurate with his belief that his firm has overhauled its rival in terms of reputation. His wage slip has certainly overtaken everyone else’s.

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