Pru FD steps up to CEO slot

Back in Sept 2007 I wrote this about Tidjane Thiam, the then newly appointed FD of the Pru, the man with, perhaps, the most remarkable CV in the City.

But here’s the odd thing. He’s a CEO becoming a group FD. Not a common event. That almost never happens, except where CEOs are running much smaller divisions. The record shows Thiam is obviously a very talented and ambitious individual. Who would dare say that he will stop at being FD? In fact you wouldn’t. Clearly this is a man who must be tipped for the top and won’t remain a Group FD for too long.

(read it in full here)
We learn today that Thiam is now CEO of Pru. Given that he actually started work in March 2008, that’s barely a year before stepping up to the top job.
I don’t like to say I told you so, but I will.

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