Tax management – MPs’ expenses. What’s the difference?

The leaking pipe under the tennis court, the wisteria on the chimney, the antique chairs, the gardeners, flipping second homes, no CGT on the sale of second homes and horse manure.
The stink over MPs’ expenses had me fuming this week. But what dawned on me yesterday was that there was no difference between what many MPs were clearly doing and the way some companies manage their tax liabilities – an issue that would have many of those self same MPs hopping up and down with fury in the House of Commons.
Wonder if they will be quite so ready to criticise now? After all, we’ll be able to go to their expenses claims and ask them what they were doing.
By the way, before anyone has a go at journalists and their expenses – I never worked anywhere where even the smallest claim did not have to be accompanied by a bona fida receipt. What on earth were the House of Commons authorities thinking?

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