Blears – be my tax adviser, please

So Hazel Blears, communities secretary is to pay about £13,000 in capital gains tax on the sale of her second home.
As many readers of this site have pointed out she doesn’t actually have to pay the tax and, even if she did, she doesn’t appear to be paying any penalties or interest on the overdue amount.
If only Blears could represent all of us in our tax affairs life might be so much easier when it came to dealing with the tax man. I do wonder how HMRC would react if I sold a second home without paying the tax due. Most of us won’t have the benefit of being able to wear our tax hairshirts in public in a bid to gain positive PR. We’d just be stuck with the bill, the penalty and possibly a prosecution if it were shown we were engaged in evasion.
Blears – be my tax adviser, please.

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