Darling still has support

Can’t help being fascinated by the results developing from our poll on who should be the chancellor after the next general election (click here to vote). Its been running since Tueaday and in the first few hours it was clear that George Osborne was everybody’s favourite for the job.
However, things have turned around. Vince Cable is now the front runner among Accountancy Age readers while voting for Alistair Darling has actually picked up significantly.
Cable now stands on 45%, Osborne on 39% and Darling on 16%.
Now Osborne is still way ahead of Darling, which mirrors national polls, but placing Cable out in front is very interesting.
Cable, of course, saw his reputation mightily enhanced by his authoritative commentaries on the credit crunch, but looked as if he had undermined his popularity during the Lib Dem party conference with his policy of taxing mansions. Among our readers, however, is currency is still riding high and certainly stronger than either Labour or Tory oppos.
But what a hung parliament really give the Lib Dems the bargaining power to place their man at Number 11. Surely it’s too big a role a role for the biggest party to give up, even if they need support from a second party to hold power?
Interesting times ahead. We” let the poll run until Monday, so please vote here to make your opinion count.

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