Profession rebuilding in Haiti

It’s worth bringing your attention to our piece this week on the profession in Haiti and how it’s dealing with the aftermath of the earthquake on the Caribbean island (click here to read the article).
Journalist Garry Pierre-Pierre, a pulitzer prize winner, charts, briefly, how the tax office has collapsed and how local firms have pitched in to help their clients.
Some people might find it odd that we would focus on such a work-based issue in the midst of a humanitarian crisis.
To some extent that’s fair comment. But a damaged society does not function on bread and water alone. Civil society needs professional institutions. Professions like the law and accountant are the glue that binds together competing forces in the economy. They provide some its key values – accountability and transparency – and if a society is to recover from such a catastrophe these values and their implementation are essential.
In the coming weeks we should have more from Haiti and how it’s profession puts itself back together.

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