Don’t call “medic!” call “audit!”

The Ministry of Defence has had its accounts qualified again. Technically this is correct because the department cannot account for some of its equipment. This includes around £155m worth of battlefield radios.
MPs have reacted angrily to this. House of Commons defence committee chairman James Arbuthnot said: “That the MoD could not, at a given time, account for the whereabouts of radios worth £155 million is unacceptable.
“The security implications associated with losing equipment such as this are significant; having an effective audit trail is the only way to ensure that all equipment is accounted for.”
Some of you out there may be wondering just how much effort we should be asking of service personnel.
There comes a point in any operational unit’s life when the equipment just gets lost or damaged and, frankly, there are too many bullets flying around for anyone to think about calling in the internal auditor. Stuff happens in war.
Next time soldiers are under attack should they call: “Medic!” or should they call “Audit!” Clearly some MPs believe we need a combat audit unit.
I don’t know maybe I’ve got a simplistic view of how military equipment is looked after.
Far better I would have thought for the MPs to concentrate their efforts on the continuing cock-ups totalling more than £250m in salaries for specialist servicemen and women. Want to support the boys in the field – get their pay right. That shouldn’t be too difficult.

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