HSBC’s Douglas Flint – Mr Popular

If there was an accountant who claim to be the most popular accountant in the City right now it is Douglas Flint, group FD at HSBC and possible contender for any number of jobs.
The week began with Flint being linked to the soon to be vacant post of chief executive at Lloyds Banking Group. Current CEO Eric Daniels has resigned leaving City desk journalists to froth at the mouth over who could succeed him.
This morning Flint was linked to another job – this time the chairmanship of his own bank. It appears there is an ongoing spat over should be the next chairman and amid the name calling Flint has emerged as the steady-hand compromise candidate to calm City jitters.
At this rate the Indian Commonwealth games committee will be asking for his phone number to see if he can sort things over there too. Does Flint do plumbing?

Douglas Flint has now been confirmed as chairman of HSBC indicating that he is, of course, no longer in the running for the Lloyds job, if he was ever interested. However, problems still persist at the Commonwealth games.

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