Miliband turns on the banks

Ed Miliband

New Labour leader Ed Miliband pledged a tax crackdown on the banks and a ”
responsibility” tax allowance for business in his first set piece address to the
party’s Manchester conference.

In his two references to new fiscal policy, he declared: “I say the people
who caused the crisis and can afford to do more should do more: with a higher
bank levy allowing us to do more to protect the services and entitlements on
which families depend.”

He said later: “We need a tax system for business that rewards
responsibility,” adding: “I say responsibility in this country shouldn’t just
be about what you can get away with.”

Both policy statements lacked further detail, which may have to wait until
after the election of the shadow cabinet next week, following which, Miliband
will appoint one of the victors to the role of shadow chancellor.

There was speculation that if he stands, the next shadow chancellor could be
brother David. But it seems increasingly likely the would-be leader will not

Otherwise former front bencher Ed Balls, a close confidante of former Prime
Minister Gordon Brown, has made it clear he would like the job.

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