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Another fine mess

great to see the gloves off in the previously gentlemanly world of consultancy; the Wall St Journal reports sniffy reactions from rivals to Deloitte & Touche’s latest round of knocking copy, which accuses Andersen Consulting of being “Distracted by in-fighting” and undermines the McKinsley claim “Only senior managers have the power to make change happen” by noting “Only employees have the power to make change endure”. Even in the hardball-playing States the hard sell is falling on stony ground: “Unseemly,” snorted Coopers & Lybrand. “It’s just childish,” cried Andersen’s global marketing director, before adding: Deloitte & Touche smell of poo and we don’t want to play with them any more”.

Rowdy partners Meanwhile, in the utterly non-childish world of Andersen, the break-up battle is taking on Machiavellioan proportions. The latest accusation to surface is that the accountants are gong to use their inbuilt majority in Andersen Worldwide to give the consultants a through shafting before the whole mess goes to arbitration. This is better than Dallas. Why isn’t is being televised? “Ah’m leaving and there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it!” quivers George Shaheen, played by the Man from Atlantis. “Walk out that door and I’ll crush you like the bugs you are!” thunders Jim Wadia. It’s easy to mock other people’s misfortunes, isn’t it? So let’s carry on….

2000 little 20000 late

Since Management Consultancy first reported on the millennium but in about 1903, we’ve got a bit jaded with the subject.. The issue is now so nearly upon us that even the Government has woken up to it and organised the “Action 2000” press conference to publicise the issue. Enter venerable IT journalist Ian Hugo, now on about issue 11 of his invaluable Millenium Watch bulletin. An ideal candidate for such an event? Apparently there was “no room” at the press conference. Ian generously puts this down to the fact that at 5ft 9 ins and ten and a half stone he is clearly far too large to fit into Government press briefings, and nothing to do with his recent criticisms of the campaign.

Recruiters roar

Every now and then we receive consultancy recruitment material from the States and invite readers to identify the firms involved from their advertising copy. Answers at the foot of the page:
1. Creating strategies that know no boundaries: X is the global leader in the management consulting field. Out consultants are not just business partners – they are strategist of change with the capabilities to identify new opportunities in a rapidly-evolving market. They have the vision to develop and implement integrated business solutions for the world’s most prestigious corporations.
2.. We empower the people who power the world. The power to move. The power to evolve. The power to apply leading-edge technology and business expertise that keep global Fortune 500 industrials on target with aggressive goals and strategies. That’s the power of Y, the fastest growing professional services firm. There isn’t a business we can’t improve. 3. You’ve always liked a complex challenge. You’d stick with it until you’d mastered it, made it look easy. At z, your talent for resolving complexity could change the way companies do business. You’ll work with top-tier clients to design innovative, market focused business processes aimed at delivering the best possible end value to their customers. Working with professionals from diverse disciplines and backgrounds, you’ll help these companies align strategy with people, processes and technology – a holistic approach that turns visionary ideas into successful, working realities.
4. Consultants who join us always have on e regret. Not doing it sooner. Though our compensation package is unmatched in the industry, that’s only one of the benefits. We’re known for an enlightened (and looser) environment where initiative and talent are generously rewarded.
5. There’s never been a better time. There will never be a better place. All consulting firms are not the same! If you’re ready to take your career to the next level, there’s no better place to be than at z. We’re honoured have been named no. 1 in Computerworld’s “100 best places to work” and as the leading systems trainer among consultancy firms. These distinctions reflect our commitment to creating a worldclass environment featuring all the resources to support your success.
6. You go to the limit or you don’t go at all. It’s the extremist in you that we seek to perform amazing technical feats. At Q, we are continually innovating, creating a future most can only imagine. If you want to see your efforts propel your career, apply them to the challenges at Q.

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