JUSTINTHYME – Ha bloody ha

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah! Ha ha ha! Excuse me I’m helpless with laughter.

(Tee hee). I’ve just been sent a flyer for Herman(R) “motivation by laughter” posters. (snort) “No more threats, no more lectures,” it promises. (cackle) Just stick up one of these babies and use laughter to get the message across about “sloppy work habits, absenteeism, lack of co-operation, don’t care attitudes – and more.” “How can they resist a boss with a Herman(R) sense of humour?” How indeed. Take the free sample. The boss visits Herman(R), who’s got flu, at home. But Herman(R) comes to the door – wait for it – carrying – you’ve guessed it – a fishing rod! STOP it! You’re KILLING me! But, I ask myself, how will Herman(R) motivated employees get any work done if they spend all day rolling around on the floor holding their aching sides?

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